DMK Skin Care Range

We only stock the very best available products that deliver exceptional results for our guests.

DMK skincare and DMKC Makeup is Paramedical grading, ensuring that you are capable of making and seeing structural changes within your skin and delivering long term, sustainable healthy skin.

DMK is uniquely 'Trans-Dermally' delivered into the reproductive layers of your skin where it stores for up to 8 hours allowing your new, baby cells to accept the nourishment they need, when they need.

Skin should be nurtured and never tortured, let your most precious asset look and feel its best!

We stock only the very best Paramedical Skincare to get you Results


For Best Results After Professional Acne Treatment;

  1. Exfoliate twice per week
  2. Three days after professional treatment use Foamy Lift & Exoderma Peel
  3. Another 3 days later use Micro Peel & Acu Masque
Take DMK EFA Ultra Supplements
Beta Gel A boosting serum for those who suffer from acne, burns, sunburn, reactive or inflamed skin and premature aging. Aims to revise redness and inflammation.
Actrol Powder Actrol Powder helps reduce sebaceous oils and provides an anti-bacterial on the skin
Acu Therm A powerful gel designed to soften blind pimples and congestion. Contains a combination of anti-bacterial ingredients.
Dermatox A deep cleansing liquid recommended for those with skin impurities such as acne, congestion, smokers or those who work or live in a polluted area.
Acu Mask A home maintenance masque recommended for acne, congestion, blackheads, open pores and dull or oily skin.
Acu Klenz Helps eliminate and prevent acne and congestion. Contains Tea Tree and Rosemary extract to encourage pore cleansing .
Acu Mist Kills acne causing bacteria in 3 seconds. Increase hydration
Acu Moist Regulates the dysfunction in acne prone skin.
Acu Cream Formulated for oily or congested skin or people who have a high cell turnover. Helps to purify while moisturising and nourishing.
Acu Therm Designed to soften blind pimples and congestion. Contains a combination of antibacterial ingredients.
Acu Klear A blemish control treatment designed to dry up existing acne and prevent future breakouts.
Pore Reduction Drops Designed to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores specifically on the nose and surrounding areas.

Oily Skin

Beta Gel A boosting serum for those who suffer from acne, burns, sunburn, reactive or inflamed skin and premature aging. Aims to revise redness and inflammation.
Deep Pore Cleanser A botanical PH adjusted cleanser designed to flush embedded impurities from the skin and pores. Removes dirt, makeup and works to brighten and tighten the skin.
Epitoxyl A deep cleansing liquid recommended for those with skin impurities such as acne, congestion, smokers or those who work or live in a polluted area.
Micro Peel Removes dead cell material. Offers a quick and gentle exfoliation between treatments.

Mature Skin

Mediterranean Pearls Cleanser Non-abrasive beads of Vitamin B5 to soothe & protect whilst optimising water circulation and barrier function.
Wetter Than Water Improves skin hydration, elasticity and provides skin nutrients whilst reducing redness.
Transgensis Creme Improves firmness and elasticity whilst diminishing fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin moist and plump.
Firmatrix Serum Increases volume for fuller, younger skin whilst lightening skin tone.
Revitosin Contains a blend of Vitamin A derivatives, regulates cell dysfunction. Recommended for those suffering from acne, pre mature aging, pigmentation and scaring.
Exoderma Peel Helps lift and exfoliate dead skin cells naturally. Mix with foamy lift for and even better treatment.
Foamy Lift At home maintenance masque designed to exfoliate dead skin cells, purify and firm skin.
Elevate Creme Lifts and tightens neck skin whilst increasing skin density and stimulating muscle tightening.

Normal Skin

Deep Pore Cleanser A botanical PH adjusted cleanser designed to flush embedded impurities from the skin and pores. Removes dirt, makeup and works to brighten and tighten the skin.
Pro Amnio Contains active ingredients to protect, rejuvenate and replenish skin.
Herb & Mineral Mist Designed to aid in transdermal delivery of DMK oils, and crèmes. Assists in supreme tissue hydration.
Vitamin C Serum A stabilized Vitamin C. Revises the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and skin imperfections.
Beta Gel A boosting serum for those who suffer from acne, burns, sunburn, reactive or inflamed skin and premature aging. Aims to revise redness and inflammation.
Seba E A fine blend of skin identical lipids designed to imitate the skins natural oils. Increases hydration, nourishes and plumps the skin.


Melanotech Creme Even out skin tone and aims to revise hyper-pigmentation.
Herbal Pigment Oil A Skin brightening oil recommended for pigmentation on the face or body and dark circles around the eyes.
Revitosin Contains a blend of Vitamin A derivatives, regulates cell dysfunction. Recommended for those suffering from acne, pre mature aging, pigmentation and scaring.
Super Bright Aims to brighten the skin, revise pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

At Home Mini Treatments

Enzyme @ Home Helps lift and exfoliate dead skin cells naturally whilst increasing your skins circulation and lymphatics leaving you with a more well-functioning, healthier skin.


Your skin is a mirror of what is happening within your body!


EFA ULTRA supplements are a powerful group of essential fatty acids 3, 6, 7, and 9 derived from evening primrose ad sea buckthorn seed oil and provide more than 190 nutrients and bioactive substances. They also contain pure organic coconut oil and mekabu seaweed extract. The health benefits of EFA ULTRA go beyond a normal essential fatty acid supplement.


If the garden (your gastrointestinal system) becomes overgrown with weeds, snails, and other unbeneficial bugs (bad bacteria) - it will not matter what seeds, flowers or veggies, are planted (probiotic), they simply will not grow, as the weeds (bad bacteria), rob them of the nutrients essential to their survival.

Regul8 is a three step program to weed, seed and feed your digestive system.

Built upon the philosophy of CLEANSE, RESTORE, MAINTAIN; the Regul8 Digestive Tune Up is a herbal based three-step process that cleanses, soothes and repairs your gastrointestinal system - removing unwanted and unhealthy organisms - soothing existing irritations and aiding sustainable gut health - rebalancing the good bacterial cultures and providing them with the appropriate environment to flourish.


RELAX formula is designed to help you remain calm and reduce stress during the day, and may assist with sleeping better at night.

Excessive stress and poor sleep are linked with higher levels of cortisol, decreased immunity, trouble with work performance, and a higher susceptibility to anxiety, weight gain and depression.

RELAX formula addresses the root concerns through herbal ingredients to assist the body to find mental homeostasis-thus improving overall health.

About Us

The First Beauty Salon in Mackay and still leading the way! Just Magic Skin Care Clinic was founded in 1976 by Carole Dupuy and was taken over in March 2000 by local professional aesthetician, Rhiannon Nichols.

The salon was originally built in Sydney Street and has now relocated to Carlyle Street with four gorgeous and spacious treatment rooms and lovely high ceilings with sky lights, with privacy and comfort.

Just Magic radiates an ambience of nurture and trust where it is all about you.

Our service orientated therapists are approachable, accommodating, respectful and also highly knowledgeable. They are here to help educate and discuss any of your beauty questions or skin concerns and give you an understanding behind your problem along with a well-structured solution.

With the highest quality paramedical homecare solutions, powerful professional products and results driven services and technology, we guarantee you will see remarkable improvements with your skin.

Salon Awards

We are proud of our following awards:

  • Queensland Clinic of the Year DMK 2nd 2017
  • Queensland Clinic of the Year 2016
  • DMK The One Clinic of 2015
  • Queensland Clinic of the Year 2015
  • Queensland Clinic of the Year 2014
  • Platinum Salon Status 2013
  • Gold Salon Status 2013
  • Platinum Salon Status 2012
  • Gold Salon Status 2011
  • Silver Salon Status 2010
  • Silver Salon Status 2009
  • Bronze Salon Status 2008
  • National Salon 2006
  • Best in the Business - Beauty Salon 2006
  • Best in the Business - Small Business 2006

Recognition of our beauty excellence and incredible customer care shines through with Just Magic winning awards both nationally and locally such as National Salon of the Year, State Clinic of the Year, Best Mackay Beauty Salon and Best Small Business for Mackay and regularly winning supplier awards. Our outstanding staff have also been individually recognized for both industry and business accolades.

Embracing women, men and teens, Just Magic has many keen and loyal guests spanning over the many years the salon has been established and we would love for you to become one of them and experience Mackay's first and best.

New Client's Welcome

To welcome you to our family, you will be given a Just Magic Welcome Pack and the gifts within it are exclusively for you! We invite you to experience the best of us...

We take pride in delivering fantastic customer service and provide only the very best in professional skin care, the latest results-driven beauty technology and most advanced techniques-all under one roof. Together with highly trained and educated staff, you can be confident that you are being looked after by the very best in Mackay.

We would love for you to experience everything we have to offer, so within your special Welcome Pack we have given you three very special gifts. Your gifts are valid for 3 months.

If your friends are anything like you, we'd love to meet them!

You have two more Gift Vouchers to share with friends or family members. Why not bring one along to your next appointment and enjoy your Just Magic Skin Care Clinic experience together? It would be a pleasure to look after them too! These Gift Vouchers are also valid for 3 months.

Your Rewards Clubs

Just Magic Free Rewards Club

The Just Magic Rewards Program is a free rewards program. It's our way of rewarding you're loyalty and trust in our team. There are no joining fees and no qualification requirements. All new clients are joined automatically.

How does it work?

Every dollar spent at Just Magic, earns you Just Magic Reward Points. For every $100 spent on treatments, products, gift cards, promotions and packages, you'll earn 5 Reward Points (1 Reward Point is valued at $1).

You can REDEEM your Reward points to purchase any FULL-PRICED TREATMENT any time of the week including evenings and Saturdays but excluding the month of December.

From time to time, there will be opportunities to earn bonus points ie. double points. Make sure you keep yourself up-to-date on our Facebook Page, Instagram and website.


  1. Points can only be redeemed against full priced treatments. Cannot be redeemed against retail products or against promotional treatments, packages and courses which have already been discounted
  2. Points cannot be redeemed to purchase products
  3. Points cannot be redeemed during the month of December. You WILL however be earning them in that month
  4. Points are not transferrable however you can use your points to purchase a full treatment in the form of a gift voucher to give to friends and family
  5. Points do not expire as long as you are current to the salon ie. Less than 4 months between visits

Clinic Policies

Booking Policy

Due to a high demand for our services and with our therapists being highly sort after, at Just Magic Skin Care Clinic we ask that prior to booking an appointment you agree to our terms & conditions.

  • Clients must arrive 10-15minutes early to all appointments to ensure that your appointment runs for the full duration of your scheduled booking time and the appropriate consent forms are filled out. If you are running late the clinic reserves the right to cut your treatment time to ensure that our therapists are not late for their next following booking.
  • For all new clients booking an initial consultation, you will be required to pre pay a non-refundable payment of $30 to secure your booking. Your commitment deposit will be redeemed off the total cost of the appointment
  • A notification reminder will be sent via SMS 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. We understand that you may need to change your booking, and we kindly request that you provide us with a minimum of 24 hours to allow us enough time to offer that spot to another client, please phone the clinic on 49575605 if you cannot make your booking. If sufficient notice is given (24 hours prior) your full pre-payment will roll over to your next scheduled appointment.
  • To avoid losing your commitment deposit (which is redeemable on the day of your appointment) if there is less than 24hours notice of cancellation given or you simply no show to your appointment, your $30 deposit will regrettably be lost. This policy is to confirm your commitment to attending the scheduled appointment & to protect Just Magic Skin Care Clinics interest in the incident of late cancellations or no shows.

* If our clinic booking policy is not suitable, we advise not going ahead with making a booking.

* For additional information Please read our Ethics Policy.

Cancellation Policy

  • We understand that unplanned issues or events can come up and you may need to cancel an appointment. If that happens, we respectfully ask for scheduled appointments to be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If you no show to your booking time, or don't leave enough notice we will require a down payment of the full amount for your next booking, this commitment deposit will become redeemable upon your scheduled treatment with our clinic.
  • Thank you for being a valued client and for your understanding and cooperation as we institute this policy. This policy will enable us to open otherwise unused appointments to better serve the needs of all Just Magic clients.

Ethics Policy

  • Just Magic Skin Care Clinics ethics policy has been put in place so that our therapists exercise in unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances; this involves things such as personal injury that prevents clients from getting to appointments, any other potential emergencies that are genuine and prevent clients from attending, or death, debilitating sickness or disease

Examples of situations that are NOT acceptable & will require cancellation fees;

  • Forgetting appointments or "no showing".
  • Last minute work roster changes.
  • Mismanaging schedules or double booking.
  • Running late & missing your appointment..
  • Mild sickness such as colds/flu that do not prevent clients from attending work/events (we exercise caution & provide sufficient barriers to clients & staff).

*We do our best to accommodate last minute changes, however because of the high demand on our therapists we only provide a small window for genuine circumstances.

Payment Policy

  • We accept Eftpos, Visa, MasterCard, Cash, ZipPay regrettably we don't accept bank cheques or AMERICAN EXPRESS.
  • At Just Magic Skin Care Clinic we do not hold any personal client accounts, all appointments preformed the day of the treatment must be paid in full that day.
  • If you fail to pay for your service the day of your treatment or leave the premises without payment or knowledge of the therapist, you will forth width be banned from the clinic and all future appointments will be immediately cancelled. In this circumstance Skin Fairy Clinic holds the rights to legally pursue this incident.

Skin Journeys & Testimonials

Client Testimonials

"Ever since my first appointment they have always made me feel welcome. I've been coming in most weeks since November, and every time I always leave feeling better than when I came in."

K. Martin

"I must say a big thank you to the girls at Just Magic. I love my skin!!!! I feel & look absolutely fabulous @ 50. Thank you for all your advice & amazing treatments. My friends keep asking what have I been doing"


"I received the best massage from on Friday. I arrived with a terrible headache and left with a clear head and very relaxed. Thank you so much!"


"I've been coming here for a while and it's been excellent. I had quite bad breakouts and scarring but after being here it's cleared everything up! Definitely recommend coming here"


"I came here looking for results and that's exactly what I got. My skin looks and feels amazing. I can't wait for my next facial treatment thank you so much x"


"The best experience I have had in Mackay. Excellent, friendly, professional. I will definitely be back"


"The most awesome clinic in Mackay. All the girls are soo amazing with the best customer service and products around. I drive from sarina just to go there because they are the best! Love them"


"I have had nothing but fantastic experiences with Just Magic. Started off with a gift voucher from my mother in law (also a client) and have been going back ever since. They helped me get ready for my wedding in March last year so I was all smooth and skin was glowing as well as relaxed after one of their awesome massages. Thanks for awesome customer service and making me feel comfortable. Always recommend to all my friends"


"I've been a regular client at Just Magic for around 10 years now, mostly utilising the services of facials, waxing and massages. In all that time, the staff have been exceptionally professional, friendly, efficient and mindful of client confidentiality. They are up-to-date with the latest products and treatments yet don't adopt a "hard sell" attitude. They let the products speak for themselves and allow the clients to decide. The quality of their treatments and their aim to please keeps me coming back and I often purchase Gift Vouchers for family and friends, many of whom have continued as permanent clients. I always recommend Just Magic - simply because every visit is "just magic"


"Just Magic! And so it is! The team at Just Magic are very professional and super friendly! The staff have been looking after my skin and feet for years. I get the best pedicure ever and they take great care in matching the products and services from their very impressive range to the particular needs of my skin. The result is a huge improvement in both the way my face looks and feels. This in turn makes me feel good and comfortable in my own skin. Thanks girls!"


"Just Magic has been a part of my life for over twenty years and I'm certain my skin is as good as it is at age 46 due to my more regular visits over the past seven years. The team come across so friendly and yet always remain very professional. They make you feel you are their only client and always ensure your absolute comfort. With every treatment you have the girls explain how it's going to happen, what you should expect and the level of discomfort if any. The team are up to date with the latest skin technology with weekly training and every one of the girls knows their products inside out. I recommend anyone who has never had a facial or even if you have somewhere else, call and request a facial, your skin will thank you for it."


Your Multi-Award Winning Salon

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