IPL Hair Reduction

IPL Pulsed Light is fast painless and highly effective hair reduction technology that can be used on all skin types including darker and sun damaged skins. The equipment we use is one of the world's leading brands in Intense Pulse Light Therapy that is totally safe and gets results! Full detailed consultations are carried out prior to any professional treatments.

About IPL Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) involves very intense, short bursts of light being selectively applied to the skin. This light is absorbed more readily in darker colours of the skin such as hair follicles and melanin; the substance that gives our skin its colour.

The absorbed light creates heat, which in turn prevents regrowth of hair

Top Lip $65
Bikini Line $90
Chin $75
G-String Bikini $110
½ Face $150
Full Brazilian $140
Full Face $199
Underarm $80


A fantastic treatment for those random, stubborn and/or fair coloured hairs.

Only disposable, sterile needles are used. Hygiene is a primary concern at Just Magic so all equipment and instruments are thoroughly sanitized before and after every procedure.

Electrolysis 15mins (minimum) $38
Electrolysis 30mins $65

DMK Alkaline Hair Removal System

The DMK Alkaline Hair Removal System removes unwanted hair using a unique formulation that gently dissolves your hair and part of the under lying follicle. Plus it can reduce hair re-growth with continued use.

DMK Alkaline Hair Removal is a gentle alternative to traditional hair removal methods like waxing and electrolysis and can be used just about anywhere on the face or body to effectively remove hair. It can be particularly beneficial for people who are prone to pigmentation.


All roller strip body waxing is followed by after wax oil; a warm towel to remove stickiness and a selection of finishing creams from which you choose are applied.

You can be assured the utmost in safety and hygiene as we only uses the highest quality waxes and NEVER recycle wax in any of our treatments.

For more sensitive areas, hot wax is applied as it is less traumatic to the follicles.

Female Body Waxing

Full Leg $84
¾ Leg $75
Half Leg $59
Leg wax & Bikini add $17
Leg wax & G-String add $34
Leg wax & Brazilian add $50
Bikini $27
G string Bikini $50
Brazilian $75
Underarm $25
Arm $59

Male Body Waxing

Chest $60
Back $60
Full leg $88

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow sculpture $25
Lip $25
Chin $25
Face $59
Face incl Brows $67

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